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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should a pet owner use a pet sitter?

Veterinarians and pet experts alike believe that keeping pets in their own environment helps to reduce the stress they go through when their owners leave home. Your pet(s) can stay in familiar surroundings while being cared for by a professional, insured pet sitter who will make sure they get cuddles, snuggles and belly rubs. Maintaining your pet’s usual schedule is easy to do and will greatly reduce the amount of stress your pet(s) might have in your absence. Boarding facilities such as doggie day cares and kennels can be traumatic for pets who aren’t used to being in such facilities. They can become overstimulated, they are exposed to possible illnesses, and due to the amount of pets at the facility, your pet(s) may not get the attention he/she needs. In addition to caring for your pet(s), a professional pet sitter will take care of your home by bringing in the mail, rotating lights, closing blinds, etc. If there’s a problem in your home, I will notify you. Overall, you will have peace of mind knowing your pets and your home are safe.

What kinds of pets do you care for?

My clients are primarily cats, dogs & bunnies. However, I regularly take care of fish, turtles & other small animals.

What services do you provide? And how many times a day?

I Provide Daily Pet Sitting, Weekly M-F Potty Breaks, Vacation Pet Sitting, Overnight Care, Cat Sitting & Small Animal Care. As many visits as you need. Many of my clients pick a morning, afternoon & evening visit when they go away on vacation. And many that work during the week opt for a mid day potty break. I offer Early Morning (6am to 9am), Morning (9am to 11am), Early Afternoon (11am to 2pm), Late Afternoon (2pm to 4pm), Evening (4pm to 7pm), Late Evening (7pm to 9pm).

What are your hours?

Service Hours are from 7am to 9pm. 7 Days a Week. 365 Days a Year.

Business hours are from 10am to 5pm Monday - Saturday. Closed - Sunday.

Occasionally I will "unplug" for the day if I don't have any appointments, in which case I will return your email/text/call ASAP the next day.

 If I don't answer please leave me a message or send a text and I will get back to you as soon as I'm free.

How much time do you spend in our home to care for our pet(s)?

Depends on the service you need. I offer 15 minutes, 30 minutes (popular) , 1 hour and Overnight care (14 hours per night).

Do you Administer Medication?

Yes I do. I can do these forms – Injections, Pills & Liquids.

Note: Clients with pets needing medications should be prepared to give a demonstration of their preferred method of administering medication during their meet and greet.

What will happen at our Meet & Greet?

The consultation gives me the opportunity to meet you and your pet(s) as well as learning the house rules. It’s a great time for you to get to know me and ask questions. In addition it gives me an opportunity to clarify any questions we have about your instructions. The initial consultation is free and is required prior to the first service. At the consultation please be prepared to provide me with one set of keys, deposit, sign the service agreement, fill out pet/personal profile which will be emailed prior to the consultation through my pet sitting software. (Time to Pet).

Do you have references?

Yes I am happy to provide references to first time clients. Testimonials & Reviews of my services are also available on my website.

Are you Bonded & Insured ?

Yes, I am Bonded & Insured

What does it mean that you are bonded and insured?

A dishonesty bond gives you peace of mind that you will be reimbursed if anything is stolen from your home. Anyone that has workers enter their home should be sure that they have a dishonesty bond. I also carry a liability insurance policy that protects from financial loss in the event that I were liable for accidents that occur while caring for my clients pets. Any responsible, professional business should carry liability insurance.

Is it OK to have you share sitting duties with our friends or neighbors?

No, I am sorry, but I do not accommodate this request for liability reasons. It violates my insurance & service agreement.

Do you have a service agreement contract ?

Yes I do. A service agreement contract will be required before I accept any new client or pet(s). I also use a Pet Sitting Software to keep track of all my clients, dates, visits, and invoices.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

While I understand what it’s like to have a busy and ever-changing schedule, reservations are made to plan my availability to clients. I take this very seriously as my time is valuable. For this reason, my cancellation policy is strictly enforced.

Shawn’s Pet Sitting DOES NOT GIVE REFUNDS OR CREDITS for vacation or holiday pet care

Services cancelled after I arrive for the visit do not receive a refund. Clients returning home early will be required to pay for the reserved amount of time scheduled. For ongoing weekly, daily clients with set schedules, 24 hour notice needs to be given & cancellations will be credited to their invoice. Clients are required to pay for any and all same day cancellations.

What happens if my pet gets ill or injured?

Your pet is very important to me! If your pet should become ill while you are away you will be notified immediately. If I deem necessary I will contact you veterinarian and arrange for you pet to be seen. If it is after normal office hours I will take you pet to the emergency clinic you have designated. I will do what is in the best interest of your pet. I will also discuss this plan at our consultation.

What happens if I can’t return on the date I’m supposed to?

I understand things don’t always go as planned. I will continue service until you notify me that you have returned home. 

I do ask for as much notice as possible though.

What if we need your services at the last minute?

Once we have had a meet & greet/consultation, I will always do my best to accommodate your needs. 

It is much easier to honor last minute and emergency services when I have your key or code on file.

What Forms of Payments do you accept?

I accept Cash, Checks and Zelle (online bank payment).

I also accept Credit Cards but they are accepted though my Pet Sitting Software.

What are your payment terms?

Payment for your pet sitting services is due before or at the time of your first scheduled visit.

How can I contact you about providing services for my pet(s)?

There are a few ways - The easiest would be to fill out my contact form on the website. This sends me a direct message to know you are waiting for me to contact you. Or, Text me @623-308-5167 or Call (please leave a message), Or Send me an email @ [email protected] 

My preferred method of contact is text or email. This will be how I contact you when servicing your pets while you are away. 

Also note that I will contact you during business hours, if you contact me while I am closed, I will text/email/call you the next morning. If you have called and do not hear from me please send me a text or email. Service areas out here aren't reliable and I don't always get the call or voicemail.

**Please respond with your name, dates in question, city/neighborhood with cross streets, and what type of pets you have.

How much advance notice do you require before service?

There is no such thing as booking a service “too early!” I am happy to accept last-minute requests as my schedule can accommodate. However, if you aren’t a current client, we must have a consultation prior to any service. Usually that is 1 to 2 weeks notice. 

Are there extra costs for services rendered on a holiday? 

 I consider the following to be holidays: New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Weekend Fri-Sun, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving ($20), Black Friday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day ($20) and New Year’s Eve.

There is a $10 surcharge per visit plus the standard charge for the service being provided on these dates.

Do I need to give you a key to my house?

Yes, I request a key in addition to any garage or door code to your home during the initial consultation. A key is requested in addition to keyless entry methods in case the power goes out or the batteries should fail. It is suggested that clients allow me to retain the key safely in my possession for future pet sitting needs. However, the key may also be returned to client personally after services are rendered. If the key is returned to Client, there will be a service charge each time I make a trip to Client’s home to pick up or drop off the key.

Can I come to your house to drop off & pick up the key?

Since I do not have a storefront, and for the privacy & security of my own home, family members & pets. I do not allow others to come to me to drop off or pick up keys.

Do you ever stay overnight?

Yes, As of 2020, I have been asked to bring this service back from previous clients. My overnight care is a Premium Service of 14 hours. Your pet(s) will receive dinner, lots of play and cuddle time, bed and sleep time, breakfast and 1, 30 minute afternoon visit.

I do book out fast for being a solo sitter so space is very limited.

We will be staying in a local Hotel, Can you visit our pet(s) there?

No. Due to the complexity of arrangements and other insurance considerations, I do not perform pet-sitting when the clients are staying at hotels/motels.

Can I drop my pet off at your house?

No. I do not provide boarding or kenneling in my home. I only provide service in the clients home where the pets can remain in the comfort of their own home. If you are looking for a boarder or kennel I can recommend a few places to you.

Do you provide dog walking?

No, I do not. With the amount of loose/aggressive pets out there and the safety of your pet I feel it's best to provide backyard fun with toys, some clients have pools and their pets swim. Play time is done in the safety of your backyard & home. 

What cities/neighborhoods do you service? 

I hear from many sitters they don’t service to Estrella Mountain Ranch, CantaMia, Tartesso, or Victory in Verrado, do you?

Yes, I do!! Many of my current clients live out there.

I provide service to Buckeye, Goodyear, Litchfield Park and Waddell and in these zip codes: 85326, 85396, 85338, 85395, 85340, 85355  

If you live in a neighborhood with a paved/blacktop road, I provide service to you. 

 *Sorry, I do not service dirt/gravel roads.*

I live outside your service area. Can you still serve me?

I cover a large area, so I might be able to help you, if not, I will refer you to another reputable professional pet sitter if I know of one in your area.

Do you offer credits for referrals? How do I get one?

I do offer credits for referrals that result in three or more completed visits.

You: Simply email me the information of the person you referred.

I: Confirm completed visits and update your account.

If you are not a current client and you have referred someone to me, Please send me an email with who the person is/was and your information.

 I will confirm if they have booked. If they have I will send you a gift card thanking you of your referral.


**If you have a question and you don’t see it above, please send me an email & I will answer your question. 

 I try to base all of my questions off what I look for in a pet sitter.

Shawn's Pet Sitting offers Pet Sitting in Buckeye, Goodyear, Litchfield Park and Waddell

and for the following zip codes: 85326, 85396, 85338, 85395, 85340, 85355